Creation of the Jinn

Jinn are an unseen creation of Allah who were created to worship Him. Allah says: (And I created not the jinn and humans except they should worship Me. I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they should feed Me. Indeed, it is Allah who is the [continual ] Provider, the firm possessor of strength.) [ 51:56-58 ]

They are charged with the same legislations of the Deen as humanity. Allah says: (And [mention, O Muhammad], when We directed to you a few of the jinn, listening to the Qur’an. And when they attended it, they said, “Listen quietly.” And when it was concluded, they went back to their people as warners. They said, ‘O our people, indeed we have heard a [recited ] Book revealed after Moses confirming what was before it which guides to the truth and to a straight path.’) [ 46:29-30 ]

Allah created them from fire. He says: (He created man from clay like [that of ] pottery. And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.) [ 55:14-15 ]

Allah also says: (And indeed, We created man from sounding clay of altered black smooth mud. And the jinn, We created before from the smokeless flame of fire.) [ 15:26-27 ]